I’m hearing people say: this moment is a battle between good and evil. If that’s true, then we are powerless. Good and evil are forces far bigger than us, far beyond our control. We just have to keep our heads down and hope good will prevail. This perspective is paralyzing, terrifying.

BUT if we recognize this is a battle between *worldviews* — between (1) the outgoing mechanistic, reductionist, individualistic worldview of domination, colonization, extraction and patriarchy and (2) the rising worldview of alignment with life and the intention & practice of thrivability, then WE HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY.

We may not be able to stop Putin’s war. But we can create within our organizations & communities a “space for life,” a space for peace & grace. Putin & the individualistic worldview he represents would keep us divided & conquered. But the more we come together in solidarity with each other and with all life, the more power we have to stand up for what is right in our own communities and in the world.

We may not be able to help Ukraine directly at the moment. But we can cultivate a compassionate, connected community, preparing the ground for Ukrainian refugees and others who need our care (including ourselves!).

We may not be able to stop climate change. But as we embrace the intention and practice of thrivability, we find more clarity in complexity, more joy and creativity in collaboration, and more courage to “be the change” the world needs us to be.

In other words, we can craft our project or organization or community as a practice ground for a more thrivable world. We can create a little garden of goodness, and then we can help it spread.

No matter where you are or what your circumstances, you have a role to play.

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