Visionary Author

Visionary Author

I write about what more is possible.

The work of my heart is expressed in The Age of Thrivability: Vital Perspectives and Practices for a Better World – “a bold reinterpretation of human history and a clear course to a better future.”

As the back cover explains:

“The Age of Thrivability is a comprehensive guide to the transition humanity is undergoing. More importantly, it outlines a straightforward framework for enabling life to thrive along the way. As real-life stories throughout the book demonstrate, viewing our businesses and communities through this lens reveals tremendous new possibilities for success and sustainability. And with mounting threats to the continued existence of life on Earth, nothing could be more important.

In all, you will find profound insights, practical guidance and plenty of inspiration. Though targeted to organizational and community leaders in particular, The Age of Thrivability will be valuable for anyone who is deeply concerned about the future of humanity.”

The Age of Thrivability will: 

Help you understand

what to bring forward from the outgoing paradigm

Lay out a powerful blueprint

for how to thrive in the story we’re moving into

Give you confidence

to challenge assumptions, as well as courage to try new, more effective practices

In this brilliant compendium of information, ideas and philosophy showing the urgent need for our world of business to fit itself sustainably into the web of all life, Michelle Holliday tells us life is not a metaphor to complement that of mechanics, but that life is our entire reality! And that sums up why we cannot ignore her imperative or her leadership. I, for one, will use this book in teaching MBA students!

Elisabet Sahtouris

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