Perceptive Guide

Perceptive Guide

I host conversations that matter and that lead to lasting change.

What I guide people toward, most of all, is the explicit intention to enable thriving for themselves, their organization and the whole community of life that they touch, along with a clear vision of what that will look like. To get there, I host thoughtfully designed, engaging conversations in which people can ask:

Who are we, together?

What change do we want – for ourselves, for our customers and community, for the world?

Why does our vision matter?

What has to be true if we are to get what we want?

From these conversations, I often help craft a concise and powerful statement – a manifesto – that then serves as an ongoing guide.

And then begins the real journey. Thrivability calls for stewardship of the vision – and of life itself. It calls for an individual and collective practice of sensing and engaging with life’s ever-unfolding learning and transformation, with curiosity and compassion.

These are turbulent times. We have so much to gain in aligning more explicitly with life. And we have everything to lose if we don’t embark on new pathways. It helps to have a guide.

“Michelle is able to bring out and capture into words the soul of an organization. She does it in an engaging, passionate, and compassionate way that will leave you in awe. With Michelle’s guidance, this beautiful language school, CLC Montreal, was able to find its authentic voice.”

Arnel Javier

Founder and Director, CLC Montreal Language School

“Michelle is a pleasure to work with, a fantastic facilitator and thorough and precise in her communication and process skills. The project we worked on together was ambitious, bold and required the careful management of many different cultures, personalities, expectations and interpretations, all of which Michelle steered this project through with fluency and expertise. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Michelle, and thoroughly recommend her as an outstanding facilitator, coach and event leader.”

Steve Bather

Co-Founder & Global Practice Lead, MeetingSphere, Inc.

With such expanded beliefs, we step together into wise, compassionate and meaningful engagement with life, wherever we find it – and we find it everywhere.

The Age of Thrivability