Nothing is worth more than this day.  So says the wall in front of me.  Years ago, I posted those words as a constant reminder to myself.  But, of course, at some point, they fade into the background, unnoticed.  Today, I felt drawn to reflect on them again.

This day.  Another precious day of life.  As one eminent philosopher says, “Every day above ground is a great day.”  (OK, it’s actually from a song by Pitbull.  But it’s still a great line.)

How will I spend this precious day?

Hmmm.  “Spend” doesn’t seem like the right concept.  You spend it and it’s gone.  And in exchange, you’ve consumed something.  It’s a single transaction, and then it’s over.

Maybe “invest” is more appropriate.  How do I want to invest this day?

But even that seems too tied up with money and transaction.

What about “cultivate”?  How do I want to cultivate life within the space of this day?

Ahhh.  That raises some rich thoughts: Some delicious food.  Some beauty, preparing the ground, creating space for inspiration.  Some care and connection.  Some play.  Some fear and growth.  Some creation.  Some culling and death.  Some celebration.

Beneath the words on my wall hang two paintings of bowls and vases.  In the soft oranges, yellows and greens that symbolize life and growth and fertility, they are containers that can hold anything, whatever I choose to fill them with.  Like this day.

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