Creative Strategist

Creative Strategist

I help craft thriving organizations and communities.


If you’re going to create the conditions for life to thrive, you have to know what life requires. My research of the past two decades has uncovered a set of patterns common to all living systems, including organizations, communities and economies. From this set of patterns, I developed a comprehensive framework that serves as a useful shared compass and theory of change. It has helped guide brand strategy, product development, business model design, employee engagement practices, meeting structure, interior design, and more.

In general, I can guide you in


new ways of being together in community, in organization, in learning and in deep relationship with place.

Designing and prototyping

the structures and systems that can hold, nurture and propel you.

Letting go of

and hospicing the structures and systems that no longer serve you fully.

The work you did is exceptional and inspirational. It sets a new landmark for ways of working with employees in a medium size organization. The exercise of writing a manifesto, in a process that involved and engaged every employee, could not have been done without you. I was impressed with your capacity to adapt within a very challenging situation, which was to guide an organization with a certain amount of history in designing an inspiring and innovative shared vision of its future. Your creativity and depth of reflection, along with the scope of tools you have available, were essential to drive such an exercise. I’m very grateful for what you’ve done.
Charles-Mathieu Brunelle

General Director, Espace pour la vie

Our work together will:


Provide a blueprint for bringing your vision to life in the months and years ahead.
Support clarity and coherence in decision-making and collaboration.
Grow stakeholder understanding, commitment and capacity to serve the vision.
Inform the development of branding and communications strategies.


“Only by aligning with life in the spirit of learning, compassion, contribution and play can we find the motivation and the means to collaborate and innovate at the levels required.”

– The Age of Thrivability