Captivating Speaker

Captivating Speaker

I share stories and experiences of thrivability.

I am regularly invited to deliver customized keynote speeches, conference presentations, workshops and webinars. My approach is engaging and interactive, grounded in research and real-life stories, and my tone is one of personal warmth and connection. To ensure that my speaking engagements deliver memorable, actionable insights, I draw on over a decade of training and experience in the Art of Hosting, as well as Applied Improvisation and Creative Facilitation.

Sample Topics

Stewarding the Living Organization

What if we see organizations as living systems? What does that change for the organization? And what does it change for you and your leadership? I describe four basic principles common to all living systems, including organizations. And I share compelling stories of leadership as stewardship, in which the work of the leader is to create the fertile conditions for life to thrive within and around the organization.

Thriving in Complexity

Nature holds vital lessons for today’s organisational leaders. Nowhere else do we find such high levels of innovation, adaptability and resilience. In our bodies and in other living systems, this creative process happens naturally. But not so in organisations. There, we need new perspectives and techniques to respond creatively and collaboratively to unexpected circumstances. Only in this way can we hope to thrive in a complex world. Through a combination of presentation, discussion, case studies and participatory exercises, this workshop offers a critically important roadmap to a more collaborative, resilient organisation.

This is a keynote presentation I delivered at the Travel to Tomorrow summit in Bruges, Belgium, in 2019. 

“Michelle did an amazing workshop with us, which tapped into our creativity and synergies as a group to produce an impressive number of ideas and solutions that could bring change to long-standing challenges. She did an excellent job of engaging the group in a fun and productive process.”

Jennifer Lonergan

Executive Director, Artistri Sud

“As guest speaker, Michelle introduced the concept of Thrivability to our group and discussed its implementation in organizations. Her ease to explain concepts that are innovative and complex impresses professionals from diverse fields. Her bright and engaging personality, her warm and very inclusive tone, and her inspiring message make her one of my preferred speakers. It’s been a great pleasure to hear her talk and, as a public speaker myself, I highly recommend her for any public speaking activities or roles.”

Christine Lalonde

Women Investing for Impact

“Michelle spoke at the Desautels Business Conference on Sustainability about thrivability, a unique topic that inspired many of our delegates. I definitely recommend Michelle as a speaker. She is very engaging and connects with the crowd. She has the ability to inspire and to make people seek for change. It was a great pleasure to have her as a keynote speaker for our conference.”

Erica Coulombe

VP of Speakers, Desautels Business Conference on Sustainability