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We have
work to do.

What if we actually aimed for thriving?

Too often, we accept busyness and productivity as their own reward. Or we’re afraid to be bold, so we aim for something less than thriving.

As a result, we’re falling dangerously short of thriving in our communities, in our organizations and in our own lives.

So, what if we recognized the characteristics of thriving living systems in our organizations and communities?


And what if that were somehow simple and useful, opening up new insights and suggesting new ways forward?


What if our most powerful role is to act as stewards of life’s processes, actively cultivating the fertile conditions for life to thrive?


And what if this helped us achieve all of our other objectives more effectively?

This is the most important work of our times.
This is the practice of thrivability.


Here’s how I can help.

Whether you’re an organizational leader, a community planner or just someone looking for answers, here are some ways I can help.


Sharing deep expertise on what it takes for life to thrive in our organizations, our communities and our own experience


Hosting meaningful conversations to navigate complexity collectively, creatively and joyfully


Offering a comprehensive framework for designing and stewarding effective change


Mapping the opportunity in The Age of Thrivability: Vital Perspectives and Practices for a Better World


Delivering thought-provoking keynotes, workshops and webinars, with warmth and interactivity

“We need to see ourselves more fully as active stewards of life’s unfolding process and as part of a larger living world.”

The Age of Thrivability

Business Basics for the Brink of Extinction

I was a little surprised to see this text that a conference organizer “helpfully” added to the description of the workshop I would be offering at his event: “This is a practical course and not a discussion of theory. You exit this 90-minute Workshop with new...

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Living Soil and the Learning That’s Needed

I’ve just come from co-hosting Regeneration Canada’s Living Soils Symposium. As tired as I feel right now at the end of the four-day gathering, there’s nowhere else I would have chosen to be. Regenerative approaches to agriculture and land management offer the most...

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Can we find the courage to talk about what really matters now? https://t.co/YdvMrSCTR5

Resilience asks us “how do we keep what we really want to keep?” Relinquishment asks us “what do we need to let go of in order to not make matters worse?” Restoration asks us “what can we bring back to help us with the coming diffculties and tragedies?”

"Leading sustainability & leading culture towards an unknowable future...requires a very different kind of partnership inside orgs. Perhaps we could start with exploratory conversations to see how [Sustainability & HR] could support each other?"

"When I say starvation, destruction, migration, disease & war, I mean in your own life. W/the power down, soon u wouldn’t have water coming out of your tap. You'll depend on your neighbours for food, warmth. U will become malnourished." Let's get serious.

Is it time for a new Agile manifesto? That was the topic of a lively OpenSpace conversation at the recent #OpenLeadership Symposium. Some potent themes/questions emerged, below. Please share your thoughts!

@OpenSpaceAgile @opentogrow @hajush @fducros @Ben_AuYeung @DanielMezick https://t.co/fuiYAKLJ3f
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"Time to become an activist? Business in the age of Extinction" -  @patrickandr https://t.co/SUdMfEx0kQ https://t.co/Mk8E0TXgFi thrivability photo

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere."

- Carl Sagan

"It's time to start imagining a better world. At this point, urgently working to make our dreams a reality is our only shot at survival." - Eric Holthaus on Twitter
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The Age of Thrivability

What kinds of behaviors are needed for us to avoid extinction? ... See MoreSee Less

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“You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in.” - Eliezer Yudkowsky ... See MoreSee Less

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“What is the cure for hubristic vision? It is, perhaps, to listen – to listen more subtly, more perceptively, more deeply. Our future may well depend upon the precise intent of our willingness to expand our ways of knowing.” - Richard Tarnas ... See MoreSee Less

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